Industrial Narrow Gauge Railways
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Industrial Narrow Gauge Railways in Austria

The list below represents the locomotive worked industrial narrow gauge railways still operating, or recently ceased in Austria. If you know of any changes to the details listed, then please let me know, so the record can be kept as accurate as possible.


(430mm Gauge) Short line emerging from an adit. No recent reports received to confirm status.


  • none
  • Ziegelwerk Franz Kiener, Bachmanning
(600mm gauge) Brickworks railway using Jenbach locos, closed in about 1995. Locos still on site in 1997.


  • Ziegelwerk Danreiter, Ried im Innkreis
(600mm gauge) Brickworks railway. Short line to two loading areas. 2 Locos. The Diema loco is normally in use. Update: Sept 2015, railway still in use although sometimes not on a daily basis.


  • Torfwerk Frank Karger, Eggelsberg-Ibm
(500mm gauge) Tractor hauled peat line. Update: When this site was visited in 1998, all tracks were gone.


  • Gartenhilfe GmbH, Bürmoos
(600mm gauge) Long peat railway using a variety of locos including Gmeinders. Update: The railway closed in 2000. A museum line is being established here. Update: Due to re-development around the original terminus of the railway, the preserved operation here has been forced to close. The continuation of any railway activity here is in doubt. Update 2011: the museum line had been forced to close down several years ago as anticipated, and the site has been mostly cleared.


  • Diabaswerk H Stephen, Saalfelden
(600mm gauge) Railway for the transport of stone, just over 1km in length. A Schöma loco is normally in use. Diema loco also on site. Confirmed still in use by 2005, but not every day. Update: By June 2009 photos received confirm that all tracks have been removed and railway operations ceased. Stone is still quarried, but transported directly by a standard gauge siding.


  • MM Graphit, Kaiserberg
(600mm gauge) Graphite mine using Jenbach locos. This line is not in use every day. Update: By August 2004 the mine was found out of use with some tracks taken up and all tubs on the surface. Locos still locked in shed.


  • Veitscher Magnesitwerk AG, Treiben
(900mm gauge) Internal railway within the works. Schöma loco now obtained. Railway in use 6 days per week. Confirmed working in 2004.


  • Graphitbergbau Trieben GmbH, Trieben-Sunk
(600mm gauge) Graphite mine using Jenbach locos. Railway now ceased.


  • Montanwerk Brixlegg, Schwaz
(700mm gauge) Short line emerging from an adit, onto tipping trestle. Update: a report in 2001 states that due to an internal rockfall, the railway is not in use at present. Update: The railway was never brought back into use after the rockfall, and so status is closed now. Update: Sept 2015, Work is in progress underground which is making regular use of the railway. 2 locos on surface, and possibly one working underground.


  • Internationale Rheinreguliergesellschaft, Bregenz
(750mm gauge) Extensive overhead electic railway from a quarry to the mouth of the Rhine, using diesel/electric locos. By 2004 it is reported that there may be only about 2 years of operation left for the transport of stone. It will then focus on the tourist trains only. Update: Confirmation received that the quarry closed in 2006, and the stone trains have now ceased. This railway is now just a museum line.


  • Voralberger Illwerke, Tschagguns
(760mm gauge) Short remenant of a once large system, only in occasional use. Update; confirmed in 2004 that this line is still in situ, but it is used only a couple of times per year.


  • Pflegeheim Lainz
(500mm gauge) Railway used for the delivery of food around an old peoples home. Battery locos normally in use at mealtimes. Reports confirm the railway is still working in 2009, Update 2011: Due to closure of the hospital, the railway closed down in Nov/Dec of 2011.


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Industrial Narrow Gauge Railways