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Pflegeheim Lainz
Gauge : 500mm 
Status : Ceased by the end of 2011.

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Pictures by Adrian Foster from September 2000. This well known 500mm gauge system is used at mealtimes to deliver meals. Pictured by the loco sheds, are a couple of 15hp Jenbach locos, No.I and No.II. These locos came from the system at Lainz hospital next door.  
Loco II pictured outside the loco shed.  
In the early 1980s, three Struppe battery locos were obtained. these have been the mainstay of the small loco fleet in recent years. No.6 pictured here was built in 1983.  
When the railway bursts into life, much activity is centred round the kitchens, with the rakes of small wagons either being taken from the kichens, or being brought back after each meal. Loco No.1 (AEG 358) built in 1957, and No.7 (Struppe), are seen by the entrance to the kichens. Two locos are normally in use.  
Struppe No.7.  
Loco No.1 coming down one of the typical tracks alongside the internal roads of the old peoples home. Each one of the 4 wheeled wagons carries 2 food containers, which are wheeled on and off the wagons at a raised platfrom by each of the buildings served by the railway.
A certain amount of gravity working is employed, especially around the area of the kichens, and a raised handbrake on each wagon allows some control by the brakesman.
There were originally 4 AEG locos. No.4, the oldest loco built in 1925, is now plinthed in the grounds of the home. No.1 is seen again, this time in front of one of the raised point levers for the railway.
A driver and a brakesman, are required on each train. The brakesman is responsible for dropping off or coupling up the wagons at each stop. This process is carried out at considerable speed, and the trains also move quite rapidly, bearing in mind that all the trackwork shares the internal road with road traffic, and inhabitants of the home.
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Industrial Narrow Gauge Railways