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DVD Running Time: 66 minutes

This is the second of 2 DVDs about the Springfield Agricultural Railway. This release captures the day to day operations of the railway, which is used for moving horse manure, timber, and performing general maintenance on fencing and the paddocks.

The video has been taken from 2009 to 2013 typically using one of the 2 working MoŽs locos or the Wingrove and Rogers battery loco. Other locos such as Alan Keef No.9 and a railcar converted from a Wickham Target Trolley are also seen breifly, with views of the Spoorijzer loco under restoration, and the arrival of Jane, the ex-Ffestiniog Motor Rail.

The price is £12.00 which includes post and packing in the UK (other rates for Europe and the rest of the world are shown on the Palpal ordering buttons below). Any profit will be used to continue to maintain and restore the railway and rolling stock. Visitors are usually welcome if arrangements are made in advance (eg; via the 'Contact Us' link on the top menu bar).

Please see below for stills from the production

Price including postage to UK: £12.00, for Europe outside of UK: £13.00, and for the rest of the world: £14.00.  
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The Farymann engine being lowered into position onto the frames of the Spoorijzer loco.

MoŽs No.12 pushing wagons out to pick up a load of timber in summer 2013. The rails are down there somewhere!


Going back to the stables with a load of timber for cutting in summer 2013.

Over winter the farm track to the stables usually becomes too muddy for the delivey lorry and so the bedding and feed is left in the driveway for removal by rail to the stables.

The muck heap is constantly rotated, with the resulting compost (1-2 years old) dug out into the waiting skips to be put back onto the fields or given to neighbours.

'Jane' the ex-Ffestiniog Motor Rail being carefully lifted out of her resting place near Cambridge for the past 8 years, for onward transport to Springfield.

Occasionally all the horsejumps are moved from field to field to rotate use of the paddocks. Because of their bulk, it is easiest to move them by rail as there is no tractor and tailer available.

Large quanties of compost is dug out in late spring, and MoŽs No.10 is seen moving 2 skips down to the driveway in May 2012.

Skips are left in the drive each weekend during April/May for neighbours to come and help themselves to as much compost as they want.

Timber is thrown onto a pile ready for chainsawing and stacking for the winter.

Loaded with fresh manure, the 2 wooden bodied wagons are coupled up for pushing out to the muck heap in February 2012.

Once at the muck heap it will take about 20 minutes work with the hay fork to empty the wagons.

The small ramp makes it a little easier to tip the waste into the wagons, There is usually about 2 full wagons to take to the muck heap each week.

Alan Keef No.9 arrived by hiab lorry in June 2010, but her stay on the railway was only brief.


© Steve Thomason 2014

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