Industrial Narrow Gauge Railways
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DVD Running Time: 67 minutes

The video covers a variety of narrow gauge lines operated by Bord na Mona, to give a representative cross section of the railways still operating.

There has been a video of the Bord na Mona railways available commercially; 'The Peat Railways of Ireland', and is produced by Midland Publishing. This new production 'Railways of Bord na Mona' mostly focuses on different systems than previously documented on the Midland Publishing video.

Power Stations and Briquette Factories, sod peat and milled peat production, operating and disused lines, are all represented. Locos by Hunslet, Ruston, Bord na Mona, Gleismac, and Deutz are all seen in operation. Maps put the location of these railways into context, with track formations at most of the locations seen.

Horticultural peat production is seen at Kilberry and Ballivor, and Sod peat production for heating at Templetouhy. There are three huge networks still operating, the combined network of Blackwater and Boora, Moundillon, and Derrygreenagh. The system at Derrygreenagh is focussed on, with visits to the Briquette Factory, Rhode Power Station and the new power station, loco workshops, etc. Brief views of Kinngad are seen, and operations around the power station at Lanesborough. Also the extensive system around the Littleton Briquette Factory is seen.

Please see below for stills from the production

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One of the recent Hunslet locos taking a train of empties out from Lanesborough Power Station, on one of the stretches of double track main line.

Two reconditioned Ruston locos waiting on the bog at Kilberry, while their train of bogie wagons are loaded by excavator (date: April 2000).


One of the few Gleismac locos still working, found shunting at the tippler at Ballivor peat works (date: April 2000).

At Ballivor the wagons are tipped on a hydraulically operated platform, unlike the rotary tipplers in frequent use elsewhere (Date: April 2000).


Lines of rusting 3ft gauge locos nearby to the Derrygreenagh locomotive workshops (Date: April 2000).

At the time of the visit, Rhode Power Station was due for decomissioning in 2001. The new 100 million power station, Europeat1 was due to come into service at the end of 2000 (date: April 2000).


One of the typical Wagonmaster Hunslet locos shunting at Croghan Briquette Factory (Date: April 2000).

At Croghan Briquette Factory, a rotary tippler is employed to empty the wagons without uncoupling (Date: April 2000).


Templetouhy Sod Peat Works, is one of the few works that still bring in regular quantities of sod peat for domestic fuel (Date: April 2000).

The Wagonmster loco has brought back a train of sod peat onto the tip head at Templetouhy (Date: April 2000).


Climbing up to the top of the Briquette Factory at Littleton, provides a good view of the tippler and locomotive workshops (Date: April 2000).

There is an intensive maintenance programme for both Locos and wagons, as seen in the works at Littleton here (Date: April 2000).


Steve Thomason 2013

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Industrial Narrow Gauge Railways