Industrial Narrow Gauge Railways
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DVD Running Time: 76 minutes

This is the fifth in the series of 'Feldbahnen' videos, covering 5 areas of Germany; North, West, Central, South, and East. The series covers a total of 40 to 50 industrial narrow gauge railways still operating since 1997, and in many cases were still running into the year 2005.

This updated version has additional footage added from earlier 'archive' material from 1992 to 1995. A wide range of locos typical of the former East Germany are seen in the production; LKM classes NS1, NS3, NS2f, NS2h, and V10C. Also various battery and overhead electic locos from LEW and others. BN15 and BN30 Czech built locos and Romanian Unio locos are also seen working.

Please see below for stills from the production

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At Burgwall sand pits a LKM Ns3 loco shunts a long train of skips for the next trip. Date: March 1997.

At the same location one of the V10C locos used for line work heads off with a train of 50+ skips. Date: March 1997.


On the same date and location a V10C returns with a train of empties. Date: March 1997.

At Erfurt the brickworks had been modernised and by 1997 the railway was only still in place for a backup and nothing was in use. Seen in the yard was a Ns2h loco. Date: March 1997.


At Wülknitz there was a timber treatment yard where latterly a Schöma loco was used to move timber on the internal system. Date: March 1997.

Large BoBo electrics were used to transport limestone several kilometres from a quarry to a large soda plant in Bernberg. Date: March 1997.


A similar railway but on a smaller scale is still in use to transport limestone in Stassfurt. Date: June 1997.

The brown coal industry once operated hundreds of kilometers of 900mm railways but sadly even by 1997 these were all nearly gone. One of the few lines operating by this date was near Senftenberg. Date: March 1997.


One of the Ns1 locos at a brickworks near Radeburg. Date March 1997.

At Hartmannsdorf a peatworks still used an Ns1 loco on a short 600mm line to move peat to the processing plant. Date March 1997.


A slate mine at Unterloquitz uses battery locos to haul slate waste out for tipping. Date: May 1998

Slate at Lehesten is brought to the surface using a vertical shaft, and cut slabs and waste are both then transported by locomotive, which is seen in action in May 1998.


Steve Thomason 2013

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Industrial Narrow Gauge Railways