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DVD Running Time: 60 minutes

This is the third in the series of 'Feldbahnen' videos, covering 5 areas of Germany; North, West, Central, South, and East. The series covers a total of 40 to 50 industrial narrow gauge railways still operating since 1997, and in many cases still running into the year 2005.

To start the video, the Schöma, Diema and Gemeinder locos of Berumerfehn are seen at work. Brief scenes are seen at the abandonned peatworks at Heinschenwalde, Wiesmoor and Mullberg. Moving to the peatworks at Brockzetel, this works was operational when visited but no rail traffic was filmed, and the works closed down a short time after the visit. Operating footage of the picturesque railway at Klenkendorf is featured with two of the Diema locos dating back to the 1930s. Brief visits are paid to two railways previously linked together at Hagen, a peatworks and a brickworks. At Westerholt another brickworks uses a 600mm gauge line connecting a small network of clay pits and the video follows trips to a couple of the pits. Two coastal railways are seen with non operatinal footage at Dagebüll and short footage at Cecilienkoog. The now closed peat railway at Stapelermoor is seen working, using double flanged rolling stock. it had several very old Schöma and Gmeinder locos. Friedrich Meiners have another site at Gnarrenburg. This is the largest railway featured, and operations are seen on the tipping station out on the edge of the moors with an O&K loco in use as well as several Diemas.

Please see below for stills from the production

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At Berumerfehn, an elderly Schöma is used to shunt wagons into the tippler. Date: Sept 1997.

A 900mm gauge railway at Dagebüll stretches out into the sea to serve the island of Langeness. Date: June 1999.


More and more railways are closing down in Germany. The railway at Torfwerk Bermard Hulskamp at Mullberg was all intact but disused. Date: Sept 1997.

Two Gmeinder locos obtained from the torfwerk at Brockzetel were in use at Berumerfehn for line work. Date: Sept 1997.


At Klenkendorf a Diema loco built in 1938 is still at work hauling short trains through the trees to the peat fields. Date: June 1999.

At the end of the day a couple of Diema locos rest outside the tipping and packing sheds of Friedrich Meiners at Hagen. Date: June 1999.


The brickworks railway of J & B Kaufmann is laid across fields to reach numerous shallow clay pits in true 'feldbahnen' style. Date: Sept 1997.

The impressive peat processing and packing sheds at Heinschenwalde are now deserted with the rusting tracks still place. Date: June 1999.


A second railway at Hagen belongs to the local brickworks, and a large Schöma loco is seen on track maintenance duties here. Date: June 1999.

The now closed peat railway at Stapelermoor had an interestiing collection of elderly Gmeinder and Schöma locos. Date Sept 1997.


As one of the 1930's Schöma locos returns with a loaded peat train, the track at Stapelermoor appears to be a little worse for wear. Date: Sept 1997.

The 600mm gauge railway at Cecelienkoog for many inhabitants is the main means of transport for people living on the island of Nordstrandischmoor. A motised trolley returns across the causeway. Date: June 1999


Steve Thomason 2013

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Industrial Narrow Gauge Railways