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DVD Running Time: 59 minutes

This is the second in the series of 'Feldbahnen' videos, covering 5 areas of Germany; North, West, Central, South, and East, and the series covers a total of 40 to 50 industrial narrow gauge railways still operating since 1997, and in many cases still running into the year 2000.

11 sites in the far south of the country are featured in this production. Torfwerk Haidgau, and Torfwerk Kneer have been closed for several years, but the video shows that there is still much evidence of the previous railways in both locations.

A visit to Torfwerk Eulenau in May 2000, shows the Diema and the elderly O&K loco on tracklifting duties, and the site closed a couple of weeks later. Dachziegelwerk Möding was due for closure in 2001, and the Schöma and Gmeinder locos are seen at work on footage from 1997. Torfwerk Fielnbach is worked spasmodically, and a Schöma loco is filmed coming back with a loaded train. Along the river Inn there are numerous hydroelectric schemes with small raiways of various gauges. Permission was obtained to film in Wasserburg and Nussdorf, and the Diema at Nussdorf is seen working. Torfwerk Ainring is filmed working with its small fleet of mines type Deutz locos. The overhead electric line at Keifersfelden serving the concrete works uses the ex brown coal locos, one of which is in use in the video. The small torfwerk at Wielhiem is seen but the railway here is barely used any more. The extensive railway of Torfwerk Raubling uses mainly Diema locos which closes the video.

Please see below for stills from the production

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One of the large ex brown coal BoBo locos at Keifersfelden (date: May 1997).

An O&K loco dating back to 1934. Sadly on track lifting duties a week or so before closure.


The overhead electric loco at the quarry loading point at Keifersfelden (Date: May 1997).

The small Schöma on the peat railway at Bad Feilnbach (Date: May 2000).


Another load of clay is backed into the brickworks at Möding (Date: May 1997).

This Jung loco is only the reserve loco for the truncated line at Wielhiem (date: May 2000).


The Schöma loco takes out another rake of empty skips to the pit at Möding (Date: May 1997).

At Wasserburg on the river Inn, the single Diema loco is used a couple of times per day (date: May 2000).


The small Deutz and Diema locos at Pfrungen have not been used for at least a couple of years (date: May 2000).

At Eulenau, the O&K loco carefully hauls track panels back to the works (date: May 2000).


Intricate trackwork is seen outside the peatworks at Ainring (Date: May 2000).

Several Deutz locos are used by the peatworks at Ainring (Date: May 2000).


Ainring have even made a small battery loco for shunting round the tipping shed (Date: May 2000).

At Bad Feilnbach the peatworks is in very rural surroundings. You would hardly know there is a railway here until you are right on top on it (Date: May 2000).


Steve Thomason 2013

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Industrial Narrow Gauge Railways