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DVD Running Time: 62 minutes

As could be expected from a country as diverse as Austria, the lines featured on this DVD vary greatly, in terms of the gauge, the different types of loco featured, as well as the types of industry they once served. Remarkably even today a number of these lines shown still continue to operate.

Five different gauges are covered (from 500mm to 900mm) at the following sites; Trieben, Mixnitz, Schwaz, Vienna, Kaiserberg, Ried im Innkreis, and Bürmoos.

Please see below for stills from the production

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The recently purchased Schöma loco in the factory complex of RHI Refactories in Trieben.

Pushing a rake of 3 purpose built hopper wagons to the other end of the line in 2004.


Arriving in Mixnitz One of BoBo overhead electric locos navigate through the suburbs before unloading at the standard gauge exchange.

In 2003 the main Mixnitz road is crossed on the route out of the town.


The line from Mixnitz runs alongside the road for most of the 10km route.

In 1996 the self built loco emerges from the stone mine at Schwaz.


In the backstreets of Schwaz the railway emerged from the mine and immediately corssed a minor road to access the tippler.

No.2, one of the original battery locos has been preserved near the main gate at the old peoples home in Vienna.


On footage going back to 1996, one of the Struppe locos is seen pushing a rake of wagons back to the kitchens.

One of the Struppe locos is shunting wagons at the kitchens at luchtime.


To manage the wagons the kitchen staff typically assist with the fly shunting of the wagons. Each wagon has a handbrake.

Timber being loaded onto mine wagons at MMGraphit at the start of the shift.


2 Jenbach locos emerge from the loco shed to assist with the movement of wagons prior to going underground in 1996.

At MMGraphit there were 4 Jenbach locos present, with 3 in use each shift.


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Industrial Narrow Gauge Railways