Industrial Narrow Gauge Railways
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DVD Running Time: 80 minutes

This DVD covers many peat railways across Scotland, some still operational, and some now closed. There is also rare footage of two explosives/ammunition factories and the narrow gauge lines that served them.

Please see below for stills from the production

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At Latham Moss in the final years the Motor Rail in charge of the peat trains was the oldest working narrow gauge loco still in industrial service. Although much modified it was built in 1932.

When filmed in 1996, Ryflat Moss peatworks had only just relaid a new railway at the site.


At Bishopton Royal Ordnance Factory No.13 (one of several Hunslet locos at this site) was seen outside the workshops in 1996.

Originally developed by Richardsons, several railways in the area used these 180 degree rotary tipplers at one time. This one was not operational when visited in 1999 at Creca Moss.


Cladence Moss is another site that only deployed a narrow gauge railway in the late 1990s. Along with several rebuilt locomotives, it also purchased new wagons for the 2ft 6ins gauge line.

Much of the track in the Bishopton Factory was embedded in concrete which reduced maintenace to a minimum.


The Explosives Factory at Ardeer had a number of Alan Keef locos even when the plant was winding down when seen here in 1996.

One of the Alan Keef locos outside one of the bunkers with a short train at Ardeer in 1996.


A small Ruston loco was barely recognisable at Auchencorth Peatworks when seen in 1995.

At Ryeflat a train returns from the loading area in 1996.


Whim Moss had long periods of inactivity, but a much altered Motor Rail is seen pushing a rake of empties out to the moss in 1996.

At Latham Moss a small portable wagon turntable was required to move wagons to the loading area.


When revisited in 2007, the railway at Ryeflat was not in use and was due to be taken up in few months.

One of the Rebuilt Barclay locos was seen at outside the workshops at Springfield Moss in 2007.


Steve Thomason 2013

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Industrial Narrow Gauge Railways