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DVD Running Time: 72 minutes

This DVD features 4 600mm gauge railways all serving the same area of moorland called Westermoor in north west Germany. To reach the moors each railway runs for sometimes several kilometers along the roadside using a mixture of Diema and Schöma locos to transport the peat. Many changes have occurred to these railways in recent years, with one railway being taken up, and another cut back, but many of the scenes featured can still be seen today. Much of the footage was taken in 2003 and 2006, but several views are seen of these railways over 10 years ago.

Please see below for stills from the production

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At Union Torfwerk the trains travelled down the centre of the road as it went under a road bridge near the works. Filmed in 1995.

The peat mill at Union had three sets of tipplers, and this picture shows the older cage type wagons. The mill building still stands today, but all the tracks have been taken up.


At Brinkmann the railway was also used until recently for the transport of clay from a branch just a couple of kilometers from the old brickworks. This scene is from 1999.

Gently pulling the skips across the road from the claypit branch, the driver is looking behind carefully as he has already had one detailment since starting back.


One of the older Schöma locos travels light next to the roadside, nearing the workshops for Torfwerk Union.

Hauling a long line of modern wagons, introduced when Griendtsveen took over the operations, this peat train from Brinkmann is nearing the edge of the moors in 2003.


At the peat mill of Brinkmann a Diema loco stands outside the workshops.

In 2003, the final year of operation, a new Schöma loco heads a full train back to the Union works with tracks barely visible in the long grass.


A little further along in its journey it passes under the 72 road and over a crossroads prior to entering woodland before the works.

The railway serving the Klasmann-Deilmann works at Sedelsberg also travels under the 72 road near the works, and looking down from the bridge gives a good access point for photography when viewed in 2006. One of several recently built Schöma locos takes a loaded train out of the works for tipping at the transfer point next to the Küsten Kanal.


In a different postion but near the same location one a loaded train returns from the moors.

A short distance from the unloading facility of Werner Koch a small Diema loco travels along the roadside for a short distance before turning onto the moors.


A loaded train arrives back at Brinkmann.

In 2006 one of the Diema locos leaves the unloading facility of Werner Koch.


Steve Thomason 2013

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Industrial Narrow Gauge Railways