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DVD Running Time: 67 minutes

Non-digital video taken in the mid 1990's forms the basis of this archive DVD. Much of the footage was previously released on a VHS video. A total of 4 brickworks in Holland are seen in operation in addition to a railway in a concrete fabrication plant, plus the last peatworks railway working in the country.

Please see below for stills from the production

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The tipping shed at Winterswijk Brickworks in 1994.

Crossing a minor road on the return journey from the claypit at Winterswijk in 1994.


In 1999 the railway at Winterswijk was still operational.

Looking down into the claypit at De Werklust Brickworks in 1994. The winch lowered and raised both skips and loco.


The small Diema loco pushed the 3 skips into the shed at the brickworks.

In 1993 a short train at Randwijk returns for unloading with the dragline in the background.


The simple line at Randwijk ran across the top of the stockpile of clay by the banks of the Rhine into a tipping shed next in front of the kilns.

Two Motor Rails on the peat moors at Purit Peat in 1994.


Side tipping wagons at Purit peat.

S5 Motor Rail returning with a loaded peat train in 1994.


The yard at Heembeton Conrete where 3 Diema locos were filmed working in 1996.

The largest loco at Heembeton pushing a number of empty bogies back for loading.


Loaded bogies wating to be re-railed in the yard, with one of the large portal cranes behind.

The museum at Erica was created from a disused peat works, and now houses an excellent collection of small industrial locomotives, including several from the lines covered in this production.


Steve Thomason 2013

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Industrial Narrow Gauge Railways