Industrial Narrow Gauge Railways
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DVD Running Time: 71 minutes

This release looks at many of the smaller industrial systems around the area of heavy industry in Poland, the Slask region, and also further afield.

Various gauges of 600mm, 750mm, and 785mm are seen working, with over 14 systems seen during the course of the production. Lines in clay pits, sand pits, collieries, and ironworks are captured. Most of the digital video was taken in Oct 2000 and March 2002.

Please see below for stills from the production

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At KWK Juliusz, the colliery still runs workers passenger trains at the end of each shift.

At the same colliery, spoil is removed by the 750mm gauge railway using Wls150 locos.


A tiny brickworks at Jankow uses a small Raba loco, although not in use when filmed.

At Gliwice, an ironworks in the last few months of operation is seen with one of the last sections of 785mm gauge track in use in this part of Poland.


3 Lyd2 locos and a Wls180 were stationed at Huta Gliwice. However, with very low traffic levels hardly any railway movements were seen.

Lyd2 locos are also used at KWK Janina, near Libiaz. the railway is used to transport waste to a tipping site several kilometers away.


One of the Lyd2 locos returns to the colliery with a rake of empty tipping wagons.

The line is double track for most of its length, except where it travels under the main road.


Next to the 750mm gauge Smigiel railway, a brickworks uses a 600mm gauge line for the transport of both clay and sand.

On the main road by Rakoniewice, a small Wls40 was used on a line of between 1-2km, but has now been taken up.


A huge 785mm gauge railway network once existed throughout the Slask region, but had finally closed down in 2001. Most of the infrastructure was still in place when seen in 2002.

In Opole, Cement works Odra uses a fleet of Lyd2 locos to haul trains from the pit to the works to the north of the town. Unfortunately not working when visited.


Near Opole, at Niemodlin clay was being hauled on a line of just over 1km in length. The brickworks has fallen into disuse and the clay was being taken away by lorry after tipping at the works. This loco was seen out of use at the works.

A Wls40 at the clay pit at Niemodlin.


A ceramics factory used a pit next to the factory for its supply of clay. Skips are hauled up a continuous rope worked incline for tipping.

No.2 outside the sheds at KWK Juliusz.


Steve Thomason 2013

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Industrial Narrow Gauge Railways