Industrial Narrow Gauge Railways
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DVD Running Time: 79 minutes

A Video looking at variety of Hungarian narrow gauge railways, a state operated former agriculture line, some ex-forestry lines, and some industrial narrow gauge railways.

At Balatonfenyves the former Agricultural Railway was still operating over 3 branches when this DVD was filmed in 2002. An industrial railway transporting kaolin at Felsöpetény is seen in operation including both a C50 and a battery loco in operation. A brief visit is made to the forestry railways at Gemenc and at Mesztegnyö where passenger trains now for the bulk of the traffic. A large brickworks at Törökszentmiklós has a network of 500mm gauge lines, and small loco is seen moving bricks from the drying sheds to the kilns. The Budapest Children's Railway at the Hüvösvölgy terminus is visited, and also the short railway at Gyönygös, operated by the MK48 locos. Finally a further look at the timber traffic on the Csömödér Forestry Railway reprises the main feature on the first Hungary DVD. Other locations are seen during the course of the DVD.

All footage was taken in May 2002

Please see below for stills from the production

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In May 2002, one of the 2 C50 locos based at Felsöpetény assists with the loading of kaolin.

At the same location as above a battery loco emerges from the mine with a long train of skips.


On the Children's Railway in Budapest, the single operational steam loco based there (490 056) shunts empty stock after a special excursion.

Wating to depart from Hüvösvölgy at the same location, one of the large Romanian built MK42 diesels is seen in the station.


A small loco on the 500mm gauge brickworks railway at Törökszentmiklós is winched down the small incline to pick up a load of bricks from the drying sheds.

One of the many C50 locos working on the Csömödér Forestry Railway head out to the loading area with a rake of empty timber wagons.


On the public railway at Balatonfenyves the typical single coach train emerges from the trees to cross a minor road near Táska.

At Mesztegnyö a 4 wheel inspection vehicle is seen outside the sheds at the depot.


Looking like a box on wheels the diminutive loco at Tiszaföldvár brickworks was not in use when see in May 2002.

Waiting to return to Pörböly, one of the rebuilt C50s loco at Gemenc is in charge of the second train of the day.


At the yard at Pörböly, signs of the occasional timber traffic were seen, but these trains are not very frequent compared to Csömödér and Lenti.

On the less frequented branch of the two, a single coach train at Gyönygös crosses a river on the way to Lajosháza.


At the terminus at Balatonfenyves two short trains wait for the next service.

All rolling stock on this unusual railway comprises of flat wagons, used to transport bundles of straw for a small sewage farm at Szegvár. There were no locos here, and the wagons were towed by tractor. Unfortunartely not operating when visited.


© Steve Thomason 2013

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Industrial Narrow Gauge Railways