Industrial Narrow Gauge Railways
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DVD Running Time: 60 minutes

A Video looking at variety of Hungarian narrow gauge railways, a state operated MAV line, some AEV forestry lines, and some industrial narrow gauge lines.

The state railways (MAV) own several narrow gauge railways and the line at Kecskemét is one of these. One of the infrequent trains hauled by the MK48 locos is followed to Kiskorös. An unusual railway is seen at the Tömörkény fish farm using standard C50 locos. Csömödér is the base for the most active of the current forestry railways with both passenger and timber traffic present. Both types of operation using the C50 locos are recorded. The cameras move to nearby Lenti before visiting the new connection that now joins these systems together to form the largest narrow gauge network in the country. At Sentes a small rustic brickworks still relies on an internal narrow gauge railway for moving bricks about with small 4w locomotives. Lastly the forestry system at Kismaros is visited, and a trip is taken up to Királyrét with one of the MK48 locos.

Please see below for stills from the production

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One of the C50 locos at Csömödér near Toresznek returning with a loaded train from Szentpeterfolde. Date: May 2002.

Loading taking place at Szentpeterfolde on the Csömödér forestry railway. Date: May 2002.


A C50 loco takes out a load of fish feed at the Tomorkeny Fish Farm. May 2002.

Szentes Brickworks has several small locomotives used internally to transport bricks to and from the kilns. Date: May 2002.


A C50 loco crosses the road near Kányavár on the Csömödér Forestry Railway. Date: May 2002.

These two C50 locos are in fact the working locos at Tomorkeny Fish Farm and not the derelct locos they appear to be. Date: May 2002.


An early morning passenger train departs from Lenti on route to Csömödér and finally Kistolmacs. Date: May 2002.

At Kecskemet an MK48 loco waits to depart with a short passenger train. Date: May 2002.


On the AEV railway at Kismaros an MK48 loco runs round the train at the terminus. Date: May 2002.

The train from Kismaros travels through the small village of Szokolya halfway along its journey. Date May 2002.


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Industrial Narrow Gauge Railways