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Szentes Brickworks
Gauge : 600mm
Status : Ceased
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In May 2002 the small traditional brickworks at Szentes was visited. clay had been dug out using a large bucket and chain excavator, a few hundred meters from the works. The excavator was laid up at the side of the pit when visited, although difficult to tell if this was just a seasonal suspension. However, the 600mm railway around the works was still in operation for the movement of bricks in and out of the kilns.  

The loco that had been used to haul skips from the claypit was a Type UE-28 loco built in Békéscsaba. This is seen here inside the loco shed.

The loco was then kindly started up and moved out of the shed.  

There were at least 5 other locos on site, all of the same type. 3 of these are seen here in the back of the loco shed.

One of these locos was in use during the visit, constantly running from the drying sheds to the kilns with fresh bricks for firing. It is seen here inside one of the drying sheds waiting for another load of bricks.  

Typically just 2 wagons were pulled by these small locos, from a maze of tracks around the drying sheds to a circle of track around the kiln. The works had been in existence for over 70 years, but finally closed in 2006. Fortunately most of the railway related equipment has been purchased by the Kememce Forestry Railway Museum.

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