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Sulinkiu Durpynas
Gauge : 750mm  

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(Apologies for the lack of correct Lithuanian accents in this text)
Sulinkin peat works has the longest industrial narrow gauge main line in the country, running from Radviliskis in the centre of the country, south towards Siaulenai. The main line is about 12km long to the peat moor, with a total trackage of 20-25km.
The peatworks is located 1-2km north of Radviliskis broad gauge station. Compared to some other works in the country, it is relatively small, with a couple of reception sidings located outside of the works running alongside a number of smallholdings.  
A standard design on all the former Russian narrow gauge lines, a snowplough similar to this appears to be present on all the railways.  
The TU6 seen previously shunting at the works, was seen taking a rake of empties out. The loco travelled a very low speeds due to the poor condition of the mainline trackwork. When these pictures were taken in May 2005 there were only 1 or 2 trains per day.  
The loco sheds were outside of the main peat unloading area, and appeared to be very rundown. There are plans to relocate the works to the edge of the moors shortly, therefore removing the need for the long main line, and the current yard and workshops would be abandonned.  
Inside the loco sheds an MD54 was under repair, with a more powerful TU4 loco behind. A TU7 was also present at the back of the shed.  
The TU6 at the peat tippler. The standard peat bogie wagons have bottom opening doors so there is no need to tip the wagons themselves. Each wagon can carry over 12 tonnes.
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Industrial Narrow Gauge Railways