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Storr Hill Brickworks
Nr Bradford
Gauge : 18ins
Status : Ceased sometime after 1979?

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Storr Hill brickworks operated a chain worked double track 18 ins gauge plateway, for a distance of approximately 250 yards. This picture shows the drive wheel at the pug mill.  
The brickworks was operated by H Birkby & Sons when these pictures were taken in July 1979.  
An end-over tipping platform allowed the clay to be discharged into the mill.
The plateway itself was constructed of various sizes of angle iron nailed to the sleepers.  
The plateway began at the loading bunker, which in fact was fed by road vehicles.  
The loaded wagon was pushed onto the plateway and guided onto the chain.
View of the plateway looking towards the loading bunker  
In 1977, there were about 50 wagons in use on the plateway, with others lying derelict.  
A view in the opposite direction looking towards the mill. The information about this platway was obtained from an IRS article by C G Down.  
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