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Solana Ston
Near Ploce
Gauge : 600mm  

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The saltworks at Ston in Croatia are advertised as being one of the oldest and largest surviving saltworks in the Mediterranean. To the top left of the picture can be seen the fortified wall that was built around the town and the saltworks in the middle ages to protect the industry.
There are over 40 salt pans, with water gradually being evaporated and fed into pans of increasing concentration, until allowed to fully evaporate for harvesting of the salt.  
When the salt is harvested, a 600mm railway is used by laying temporary tracks to the required salt pan, and the salt loaded into small wooden side tipping wagons and taken for storage.  
The tracks appear to comprise of two separarte circuits. One route travels down the centre of the salt pans and terminates in an incline into a shed at each end of the site. The second route travels round the edge of the pans linking the salt storage sheds with the packing sheds.  
When these pictures were taken in August 2006 the railway was not working. Local information suggested that the railway was used when one of the salt pans required harvesting.  
The large stone built salt storage shed at the far end of the site.  
One loco was found derelict, but to a very similar design to the second loco below. The engine only powered the front axle, and the outside axleboxes on the front carried the letters JW confirming that the axleboxes at least were built by Jenbacher Werk.
The second loco was found in the sheds currently used for packing of the salt. It looked to be complete and in working order. The engine was clearly marked Aran, Jugoslavija. Not all the sheds were able to be explored so it is possible that other locos are on site.
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