Industrial Narrow Gauge Railways
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Industrial Narrow Gauge Railways in Scotland

The list below represents the locomotive worked industrial narrow gauge railways still operating in Scotland. If you know of any changes to the details listed, then please let me know, so the record can be kept as accurate as possible.


(3ft Gauge) Peat railway not always in daily use. Update; Railway out of use with locos stored on site. Update 2007: Locos removed but some track still in place around the yard.


(2ft Gauge) Peat railway in daily use. Update: Railway ceased sometime in 2004. Update 2007: All track removed, possibly one loco still on site.


  • Fynegold Exploration LTD, Cononish Farm, Tyndrum
(2ft gauge) Mine retained on a care and maintenance basis. Update 2005: A visit at the end of 2004 confirmed that the locos are still on site, but the mine has not worked for a long while. Update 2009: Australian funded company Scotgold are seeking planning permission to reopen the mine, due to high gold prices at present.


Dumfries and Galloway
  • L & P Peat LTD, Nutberry Works, Eastriggs
(2ft gauge) Peat railway in daily use. Update June 2005 (IRS) Tractors now used for haulage, railway out of use. 2 locos moved elsewhere. Update 2007: All track removed and all locos moved off site.


  • L & P Peat LTD, Creca Moss, Annan
(2ft gauge) Peat railway in intermittent use. Update 2007: Railway removed


  • Ministry of Defence, Royal Ordnance Factory, Eastriggs
(2ft Gauge) Internal railway for the transport of munitions.


  • Department of the Environment, fort George Range, Inverness
(600mm gauge) Target Railway.


  • ICI Explosives, Ardeer Works, Ardeer
(2ft 6ins gauge) Internal railway for the movement of explosives. Railway now ceased. Update 2007: Recent visits suggest parts of the railway may still be in use.


  • Royal Ordnance PLC, Bishopton
(2ft 6ins gauge) Internal railway for movement of ordnance. Closed down about April 2002.


  • William Sinclair Horticulture, Ryeflat Moss, Carnwath
(2ft 6ins gauge) Recently installed peat railway. Update 2007: Railway had not been in use for a number of months. The railway is due to be taken up by Summer 2007. Update June 2013: Railway relaid as 2ft gauge and has been in use earlier in the year.


  • William Sinclair Horticulture, Cladence Moss, Carnwath
(2ft 6ins gauge) Peat railway installed in 1998. Update 2007: Railway operating normally. Update 2013: Latest reports suggest the railway is not in use any more.


  • William Sinclair LTD, Springfield Moss, Leadburn
(2ft gauge) Recently reinstated peat railway. Update 2003; currently not in production. Update 2007: Railway had been back in use until May 2007. Update 2013: Railway is not used currently, but may be back in use by next spring.


  • William Sinclair LTD, Whim Moss, Lamancha Station, Near Leadburn
(2ft gauge) Usually 2 locos on site. Update 2003; currently not in production. Update: By 2005 this railway had stopped working. Update 2007: Railway back in use, but now has a closure date of 2009.


  • William Sinclair LTD, Auchencorth Moss, Leadburn
(2ft gauge) Peat railway with 4-5 locos usually on site. Update 2007: 3 locos in use on peat trains. Update 2013: Railway cleased in 2012 and all track being removed in 2013.


  • Scottish Coal Co, Longannet Colliery
(500mm Mineranger system) Locos work underground.


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Industrial Narrow Gauge Railways