Industrial Narrow Gauge Railways
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Industrial Narrow Gauge Railways in Poland
(Please note this listing has not be updated for a number of years and will be out of date)

The list below represents the known locomotive worked industrial narrow gauge railways currently operating in Poland. Any further contributions to this list will be gratefully received, as will any updates or corrections.

The list has been compiled from personal visits, plus a great deal of work from Joachim Kaddatz, and help from Marek Szymanski. Also some details from the book 'Schmalspurbahnen in Polen' (published by Fern-Express) were used.

(Apologies for the lack of proper Polish accents in this document)

(600mm Gauge) Railway of about 200m in length. Wls40/50 loco in use, with two Gls30 30hp locos out of use. (This brickworks is about 30km from Wolsztyn) (600mm Gauge) Wls40/50 in use.
  • Stone Quarry, Strzelin
(600mm Gauge) One Wls40/50 in use, one der.
  • Stone Quarry, Borow
(750mm Gauge) Two Wls50 in use.
  • Romatik Brickworks, Nr Brzesc
(600mm Gauge) Rather run down brickworks with a single loco in use. Railway crosses a minor road just outside Brzesc.
  • Tuczno Sugar Factory, Tuczno
(750mm Gauge) Railway of about 40km in length, used in the sugar beet season between October to February. Locos in use include Wls150s, and Lxd2s. Update: Railway now closed.
  • Dobre Sugar Factory, Dobre
(750mm Gauge) Single branch of 12km still in use by the sugar factory. However, there are extensive tracks within the factory. Beet is still bought in by rail by the PKP to the sugar factory also. The sugar beet season is usually between October to February. Locos in use include Wls150s, Lyd2s, plus Lxd2s in use by the PKP. Update 2003: All track has now been taken up to the sugar factory. The 2001/2002 season was the last season. Locos now sold
  • Kruszwica Sugar Factory, Kruszwica
(750mm Gauge) Railway of about 50km in length used in the sugar beet season between October to February. Locos in use include Wls150s, Lyd2s, and an Lxd2. Update: The 2002 season is reported to be the last season of operation for this railway. Update: Railway now taken up.
  • Brickworks, Bydgoszcz-Fordon
(600mm Gauge) Railway only used within the brickworks now. Update: Railway now converted for tourist trains only.
  • Opole Lubelski Sugar Factory, Opole Lub
(750mm Gauge) Single Lyd2 loco used within sugar factory for the movement of coal in transporter wagons. Only a few sidings remain in use inside the factory. Update 2003: With PKP ceasing all NG services in 2001/2002, the NG inside the factory will have also ceased.
  • Nil
  • Nil
  • Brickworks, Odonow, near kazimierza Wlk
(600mm Gauge) Brickworks railway about 1km long, with a single working loco.
  • Brickworks Zator, near Oswiecim
(600mm Gauge) Brickworks railway about .5km long, with a single Wls50. Only used during summer.
  • Peat works, Podczerwone
(600mm Gauge) peat railway using 3 locos.
  • Nil
  • Cement Works Piast, Opole
(600mm Gauge) Closed in 1970.
  • Cement Works Groszowice, Opole
(785mm Gauge) this 7.8km line closed in 1996/1997.
  • Cement Works Odra, Opole
(1000mm Gauge) There are 6 Lyd2 locos here on this line of 2.3km. Two locos normally in use.
  • Brickworks, Jelowa
(600mm Gauge) Small brickworks with a single Deutz loco. Only in use on a seasonal basis.
  • Brickworks, Wachow
(600mm Gauge) Brickworks railway with two locos recorded.
  • Brickworks, Niemodlin
(600mm Gauge) Railway 1km long. Brickworks now out of use, but railway still used to bring clay to the works for loading into road vehicles. 1 Wls50 in use with Gls30 oou.
  • Brickworks, Tarnow
(600mm Gauge) Wls40/50 in use.
  • Brickworks, Debica
(600mm Gauge) Wls40/50 in use.
  • Las Juszkowy Grod
(600mm Gauge) Peat Railway with 4 locos.
  • Igloobud, Debica
(600mm Gauge) Single loco in use in this brickworks.
  • Brickworks, Gdansk Bysewo
(600mm Gauge) Details unknown.
  • Brickworks, Opalenie Tczewskie
(600mm Gauge) Details unknown.
  • HolLas Paslek, Biedkowo
(600mm Gauge) Peat railway with 2 Pemal locos.
  • HolLas Paslek, Rucianka
(600mm Gauge) Peat railway with 3 locos.
  • Rozpedziny Brickworks, Near Kwidzyn
(600mm Gauge) Brickworks with Wls40/50 locos.
  • Chorzˇw Power Station, Chorzˇw
(785mm Gauge). Wls150 locos were here for shunting. Delivery of coal on the narrow gauge ceased in summer 2001 with the closing down of the PKP 785mm gauge network. Only standard gauge still operates here.
  • ZM Bytom, Bytom
(785mm Gauge) Probably Wls180s in use. Railway will stop working this winter. Update Dec 2001: Railway ceased in October 2001.
  • KWK Wieczorek, Katowice
(785mm Gauge) Wls150 in use. The remains of a once extensive railway. This line is also now unlikely still to be in use.
  • Kazimierz Juliusz Colliery, Sosnowiec
(750mm and 600mm Gauge) A 750mm gauge railway serving up 3 shafts. Length about 5-7km. Used to dispose of the waste material from the mine. Also used for miners transport. At least 3 Wls150 locos are present. A 600mm gauge railway is used in the stockyard with one working Wls50.
  • Wesola Colliery, Wesola
(600mm Gauge) Line of about 2-3km linking up 3 sites on this colliery. Used to move equipment and supplies. Crosses public roads twice and the standard gauge line twice on the level. Mines type locos in use several times per day.
  • Janina Colliery, Libiaz
(750mm Gauge) double track main line to a waste tip about 3km in length. 3 Lyd2s, and 3 Wls180s present. Normally 2 Lyd2s in use.
  • Gliwice Steel Factory, Gliwice
(785mm Gauge) Internal rail system. 3 Lyd2s and 1Wls150 present. Normally only a Lyd2 in use when needed. Update 2003: system reported oou with locos now sold.
  • Jednosc Steel Factory, Siemianowice
(630mm Gauge) Wls50 locos work here. Update March 2002: Tracks outside the steelworks now taken up, so whole ng system may be ceased. Update 2003: It is reported that up to 7 Wls50 are still working here.
  • Brickworks Ruda, Ruda Slaska
(785mm Gauge) 2 Wls75 present. Update March 2002: Last part of railway from a stockpile at the back of the works now taken up. Loco still present on site.
  • Brickworks, Miasteczko Slaskie
(600mm Gauge) Loco unknown. Update March 2002: At least 1 Wls50 on site although railway not in use. May be seasonal. Update 2003: Railway reported back in use.
  • Nil
  • HolLas Paslek, Josefowo
(600mm Gauge) Peat railway with 4 Pemal locos.
  • HolLas Paslek, Budwity
(600mm Gauge) Peat railway with 3 Pemal locos.
  • H. Skowronski, Karaska
(600mm Gauge) Peat railway with approx 15 locos.
  • H Skowronski, Piaseczna
(600mm Gauge) Peat Railway with 4 Pemal locos.
  • H Brickworks, Pisanica, near Elk
(600mm Gauge) Loco details not known.
  • Zbiersk Sugar Factory, Zbiersk
(750mm Gauge) Single Lyd2 used within the sugar factory for shunting coal wagons and tankers for the factory. These are delivered on transporters on the ex-PKP 750mm gauge from Opatowek. Factory in use in the sugar beet season between October to February.
  • Brickworks, Rakoniewice
(600mm Gauge) Railway 0.5km long, from bucket and chain excavator, to cable hauled incline into brickworks. Single working loco on site. working in 1995. Closed and partly demolished by Oct 2000.
  • Lenartowice Ceramik Works, Nr Pleszew
(600mm Gauge) Short railway into claypit, with bucket and chain excavator. A single loco in use plus one derelict. A continuous cable hauled incline leads into the works. Update April 2010: Confirmed by Marek Malczewski that the factory is closed and the railway has gone.
  • Cerebud Brickworks, Witaszyce
(600mm Gauge) Once extensive railway only used within the brickworks now. single loco in operation moving clay from an internal stockpile. Update April 2010: Confirmed by Marek Malczewski that the railway has now completely closed.
  • HolLas Paslek, Krakulice
(600mm Gauge) Peat railway with 3 locos.
  • Goslawice Sugar Factory, Goslawice, Konin
(750mm Gauge) Single Wls150 still in narrow gauge loco shed in Oct 2000. However railway operations finished here in 1992. Update 2003: It is reported that the loco has been exported to the Cook Islands.
  • Brickworks, Iwno
(500mm Gauge) Short horse worked railway, with a cable hauled incline into the brickworks.
  • Brickworks, Jankow
(600mm Gauge) Short railway to clay pit. single loco in use. Railway not in daily use by Oct 2000.
  • Brickworks, Kwilen
(600mm Gauge) Short horse worked railway to clay pit. Cable hauled incline into the clay pit. Update 2001: Railway observed as out of use.
  • Brickworks, Robaczyn
(600mm Gauge) Railway to a claypit and to a sandpit. Single loco in use. One other loco derelict. (brickworks situated next to the 750mm PKP line to Bojanowo)
  • Paper Factory, Tarnowka
(600mm Gauge) Railway once 4km long, now only in use within the works for ash removal. 4 Locos on site
  • Boiprodukty Samlimo, Golczewo
(600mm Gauge) Peat railway. 5 locos, including Diemas recorded working here.
  • Lasland Grady, near Gryfice
(600mm Gauge) Peat railway. 4 locos recorded working here, including 3 Diemas.
  • Peat works, Czaplinek
(600mm Gauge) Peat railway with 2 Pemal locos recorded.
  • Przemtorf, Nowy Chwalim
(600mm Gauge) Peat railway with 3 Pemal locos recorded on site.
  • Norda Las, Parsecko
(600mm Gauge) Peat railway with 5 locos recorded, including Diemas.
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Industrial Narrow Gauge Railways