Industrial Narrow Gauge Railways
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Severn Trent Water Authority
Gauge : 2ft  
Status : Ceased approx 1990

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Minworth sewage works had an extensive 2' gauge railway, originally using horse and steam locomotive power. It served areas where part processed sewage was laid out in lagoons until the water evaporated, after which the "mud" was taken to large tips for further weathering. These pictures were taken by Kevin Payne during an NGRS visit in 1983. Here a Motor Rail locomotive is seen outside the depot in the middle of the lagoon area.  
Staff laying track panels into a dried out lagoon ready to load the "mud".  
The "Mud" is being loaded into a train of skips using an excavator.  
A train on the way to the tip crosses the main road.  
Unloading skips at the tip. This was a near continuous process as a relay of trains shuttled to-and-fro.  
Another section of the railway served an incinerator, which burnt non-biodegradable solids to a fine, gritty ash that was sold as an aggregate. At the incinerator a Motor Rail heads a short train of skips full of ash.  
Overhaul of locomotives was carried out at the road vehicle workshop some distance from the line. Here two Motor Rails await attention.  
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Industrial Narrow Gauge Railways