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Midland Irish Peat
Lansdale Yard
Gauge : 2 Feet 

One of the few private peat companies in Ireland.

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Midland Irish Peat have two peat works approximately 2 miles from each other, working separate bogs. The railway at Lansdale Yard, has a picturesque run of about a mile, alongside fields before reaching the bog.  
There is a short maintenance siding just before the tracks reach the bog, and in April 2000 one of the locos, No.4 (Diema 2242) was here with a makeshift personnel carrier.  
Out on the moors waiting to exchange wagons, were two locos, No.2 (Ransoms and Rapier No.84), and No.1 (Diema 2639/63). These two locos were in use double heading the trains back to the yard for unloading. A further smaller Diema loco, and a Motor Rail were in use hauling the loaded trains off the temporary tracks from the loading area.  
The layout in the yard is relatively simple, with just a single run round loop and no cover for the locomotives. An elevator tips peat into waiting trailers to be transported to the Mill about 2 miles away.  
At the end of the yard, by the fuel tank next to the road, the Alan Keef loco No.3 (AK No.9) was in use shunting the empty wagons away from the tippler.  
No.2, the Ransoms and Rapier loco dates back to 1938. It has been re-engined, and there is now little left of the original bodywork.
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