Industrial Narrow Gauge Railways
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CFI Lonea
Gauge : 790mm 
Status : Working

Lonea is one of several narrow gauge railways still operational in Romaina, for the transport of coal.

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This bleak industrial landscape is the terminus of the 790mm gauge railway which serves a coal washery at Pertosani, in south west Romania. On each side of the track at this location there is a smaller gauge system (probably 600mm) for the movement of coal tubs.  
The railway is worked by the usual Romanian L45H BoBo locos. L45H-086 is seen hauling a train of empty wagons back to Petrila shortly after leaving the terminus. Many disused collieries are passed, and at this location a further internal narrow gauge overhead electric line, of unknown gauge had recently been dismantled.  
Two thirds of the way through its journey, the train passes one of the original stations. This railway started life as a forestry system, and as the timber traffic died away, the branches into the forest were removed and it took on a new lease of life as a colliery line. Rather surprisingly the railway is double tracked for most of its length.  
A few hundred meters from the previous photograph, the loco sheds and workshops are to be found. Presumably the forerunner to the L45H BoBo locos, this is an L35H loco. Two of these locos were seen here, but neither was in working order.  
At the other end of the line, the large bogie wagons are loaded from an overhead coal hopper. Until 30 years ago, this railway was worked by overhead electric locos. The overhead wire support poles can be still be seen at many locations along the line, including here at Petrila.  
L45H-086 shunting at Petrila sidings in June 1998.  
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Industrial Narrow Gauge Railways