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Llanforda Hall
Gauge : 2ft
Status : Ceased (approx 1989)

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Thanks to Mike Jackson for several views of the water filtration works at Llanforda Hall in Oswestry. This first photo shows the sand washing plant in 1979.  
This shows the connection down to the silt channel. The railway ran round several large filtration beds and was used when the sand in the beds required changing and washing. The sand was removed in the skips and taken by rail to the washing plant.  
Loading silt into the skips. Drainage from the washing plant was via a channel which used to clog up with fine silt. A very short and steep line was laid to facilitate removal of the silt by skips.  
Hudson Hunslet loco No.6299 built in 1964 stands in one of the 2 loco sheds on site.  
Ruston No.45299 at the washing plant photographed in 1969. This loco was still there 10 years later in 1979.  
Temporary tracks were laid in the beds, and when loaded, the skips were hoisted out by a crane.  
The Hudson Hunslet pictured here is No.6299 taken in 1979.  
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Industrial Narrow Gauge Railways