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Heembeton Concrete
Gauge : 900mm 
Status : Ceased

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Heembeton Concrete is near Zwolle in Holland. The company produce concrete flooring, and operate a 900mm internal railway to move the concrete parts from the production buildings to the stockyard. These pictures were taken in 1996.
As the tracks emerge from the each of the production buildings they join up, and then travel round the stockyard in a large loop.  
The concrete parts are carried on pairs of bogies which can take a 16 tonne load.  
The company now have three Diema locos. Previously 2 Jung locos were used, which have now been preserved. No1(Diema 2497) is the heaviest loco of 8.2 tonnes, and was built in 1962.  
No.2(Diema 4255) is one of two DFL60 Diemas, which were regauged in the company's own workshops.  
There are three large portal cranes covering the yard, and the concrete sections are lifted on and off using a large harness at each end of the sections.  
Once the concrete sections are offloaded into the stockyard, the portal cranes are used to load road vehicles as required. With the cranes, trains, fork lifts, and large lorrys all moving in the yard it can be a very busy place.
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