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Hambledon Lane Brickworks
Gauge : 2ft  
Status : Ceased

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This works was served by two 2' gauge railways. A locomotive worked line linked the clay pit to a tipping point at the works and a hand worked line was used on the output side of the brick making presses. Cars from the latter were carried to the kilns on a flat-bed road vehicle resembling a fork lift truck. The works closed not longer after these photographs were taken by Kevin Payne in 1983. This photo shows a view down the line with one of the trains plus two Ruston Bucyrus excavators, a diesel dragline used to strip away topsoil and an electrically powered face shovel.  
Loading a train at the working face. Each shovel load filled one of the skips, allowing a rapid turnaround and a steady flow of clay to the presses.  
One of the tracks inside the tip-dock was occupied by a Motor Rail. It was nominally the spare locomotive, but actually the subject of a protracted engine rebuild.  
Staff building wooden wagon bodies onto the frames of old brick cars. These wagons were to be used to transport bricks that had been broken or "overcooked" during the firing process.  
A train coming up from the working face to the tipping dock.  
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