Industrial Narrow Gauge Railways
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Industrial Narrow Gauge Railways in France

The list below represents the locomotive worked industrial narrow gauge railways still operating in France. Where the line has recently been ceased, this is recorded as well. If you know of any changes or additions to the details listed, then please let me know, so the record can be kept as accurate as possible.


Nord Pas De Calais
(600mm Gauge) Brickworks railway in daily use during the summer with rebuilt Ruston locos. works occasionally during the winter. Update: By August 2002 the railway was found to be disused. Update: Sept 2015. All traces of the railway have now gone around the pit and running line, including the line in the road from the rail crossing. (600mm Gauge) The longest of the BdN railways also using rebuilt Ruston locos. Most of the railway ceased working in summer 1999. By July 2001 a short line at the back of the works was still in use for loading clay from an adjacent stockpile. Update: By September 2001 even the short line had been taken up.
  • Briqueteries de Nord, Leers
(600mm Gauge) Brickworks railway used in the summer, operating 2 Whitcomb locos. Update: By 2003 it has been reported that the railway at this site is also closed.
  • Briqueterie Chimot, Marly, Valanciennes
(600mm and 500mm Gauge) 600mm gauge clay pit line used between April and October. The 500mm gauge line from the drying sheds to the kilns is used all year round. One Plymouth loco works the claypit and a Lilliput loco built by HEIM Frèses of Strasbourg works the kilns. Update; Sept 2015, both railways still in use with the same locos. The 600mm line has been extended into the yard area by the kiln where clay is tipped and stockpiled in a new storage shed.
  • Briqueterie Lagrive, Lisieux
(500mm Gauge) Railway just over 0.5km in length, used in good weather. Update: 2005 confirmed still working. Update August 2009: Confirmed still in use. Update: Sept 2015, this railway was confirmed as still in use. Clay is being obtained from a pit nearer the brickworks now so the line is now shorter than previously.


  • SANOFI Factory, Baupte, Cotentin Peninsular
(1000mm Gauge) Seasonal railway in use serving a peat bog. Normally in use April to September. This railway was confirmed still operational in July 2001. Update: This railway was confirmed still working in April 2010. Update: Railway confrimed working with 2 locos in 2011


Pays de la Loire
  • L'Ardoisieres D'angers, Trelaze, Angers
(600mm gauge) Railway in use transporting slate underground, and above ground from a shaft to the processing shed, and to a waste tipping area. Update: By sometime in 2001 this railway was abandoned, and locos sold. By August 2002 the tracks were all still in situ. (1000mm gauge) Railway at nearby location using OHW locos closed in the early 1990s.
  • Stone Quarry, Dalenheim, Nr Strassbourg
(600mm gauge) Single unidentified loco used in a stone quarry. Also has a cable hauled incline out of the quarry. Update 2006: This has been out of use for several years now.
  • Niderviller Brickworks, Niderviller
(600mm) small brickworks operated on a part time basis. Railway appears still to be used occasionally. Loco present is a Gmeinder rebuilt by Comessa. A second loco, a Deutz is privately owned. Update: Reports in 2010 confirm that the railway has been disused for several years.


  • Ets Beaumartin, SNCF Langogne
(600mm gauge) Internal railway used for the movement of treated timber, using a Plymouth loco.
Rhône Alpes
  • société Vicat, Saint Laurent du Pont (Isère) 38
(600mm gauge) Railway in use transporting stone between the quarry and the factory. The line is 2 km long operated by modern internal combustion locomotives
  • Sommereux Brickworks, near Beauvais, Oise.
(600mm gauge) A brickworks railway operating in the summer loaded by bucket and chain excavator. 2 Gmeinders are on site. One loco normally in use. Update 2013: A visit in 2013 confrimed that this railway is still in use, although cut back from it's original length. It is unclear if the use is seasonal or not. Update: Sept 2015, Railway still in use with the 2 Gmeinders still on site. Clay is loaded ini the skips by a elevator/conveyor at the back of the drying sheds now.  
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Industrial Narrow Gauge Railways