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Torfwerk Drebber
Gauge : 600mm 
Status : Ceased in 2001

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Torfwerk Drebber is situated to the north of the small town of Drebber, four kilometers along a quiet lane. The peatworks harvests peat from Drebbersches Moor. From the works there was a main line of less than a kilometer, until the moors were reached. At the back of the works there was a double tracked unloading shed where the wagons were clamped, and tipped over for emptying. The yard shunter was an elderly Schö:ma, built in 1953.
In 1996, when these photos were taken, a small Diema loco was being used for line duties. A rake of cage wagons is seen here being taken out to the moors.
The Diema No.2826, was built in 1965, and rated at 16hp. No sand boxes are fitted to this loco, so a small plastic bucket fulfills this function.
Just to one side of the large peat stockpile, a couple of tracks lead off to the loco sheds.
Alongside the loco sheds, are the remains of the workers transport. Although not used for a while, these crude coaches were used to take workers out to the peat moors.
There are workshops for the road and rail equipment seperate from the running sheds. In here was found another Diema, of a similar type to that working. Note the moveable section of rail used for accessing the works.
Pulling away from the tipping sheds, the Diema takes another train out for loading. A third Diema was seem out on the moors assisting with the loading of the trains.
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