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Csömödér forestry Railway
Gauge : 760mm 

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This railway in the west of the country hauls frequent timber trains as well as operating a passenger service. A new link of several kilometers in length has been built to link this system with that at Lenti. Now timber trains from the Lenti system can connect right through to Csömödér for unloading.  
The small 4wheel C50 diesels have usually operated the passenger and timber trains, but a couple of the larger MK48 BoBo diesels are also now available. Passenger services have operated since 1949. This train is passing Páka.  
'Abel' is a Resita 0-8-0T from CFF Finis in Romania. This loco has been here since 1998.  
At Csömödér the timber is transhipped to the standard gauge and also taken into the sawmill.  
There are 10 C50 locos recorded here, although two of the locos are only used for shunting at Csömödér.  
Kistolmács is the southen terminus for passenger trains. All these photos were taken by Rudolf Tyller in 2000.
The timber trains are often loaded directly on the main line depending which area of the forest is being worked. A typical train comprises of 5-6 bogie wagons.
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