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Exploatarea Miniera Brad
Gauge : 760mm 
Status : Ceased approx 2000

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An industrial railway running from Brad to Criscior serves a power station at Criscior. Although now approximately 5km in length, it is the surviving section of a longer railway which at one time boasted a passenger service. The rolling stock now consists almost entirely of the standard mineral bogie hopper wagons. In June 1998 No.8, Resita 0-8-0T, built in 1958 travels along side a minor road on its way to the power station.
At the exchange sidings in Brad, coal is offloaded from the standard gauge and stockpiled. The coal is then loaded into the NG wagons using an elevator. This section of the yard is dual gauge.
The line has one of the standard BoBo L45h diesels, but also an eight coupled loco LD764-314. This is seen in the exchange sidings in May 1993, and is still in frequent use.
In May 1993, the working steam loco was No4 0-8-0T Resita 1315. No8 was at the back of the shed undergoing heavy repairs. As coal is obviously plentiful, it appears to be the supplies of diesel fuel which dictates whether steam or diesel power is used.
No8, shunting the transfer sidings at Brad in June 1998. From a report in 2000, it appears that this railway may now have closed.
The coal and water facilities are at Criscior power station. In a smokey atmosphere No8 receives water, while on the left No4 is in reserve.
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Industrial Narrow Gauge Railways