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William Sinclair Horticulture
Cladence Moss
East Kilbride
Gauge : 2 Feet 6 ins  
Status : Working

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One of those rare occassions when a narrow gauge railway has taken over from road transport. Cladence moss is a relatively new peatworks, working in the last few years by tracked vehicles. In 1998, a 2 feet 6ins gauge railway was installed. The loco shed is shown immediately behind the orange Motor Rail. A further loco, Chrisine, in blue livery was inside. These photos were taken in April 1999.  
There are four locos situated here. This Motor Rail was built in 1967, and was purchased from Alan Keef in 1998.  
Old Nick, a Barclay (AB No.556) loco, was reconditioned at Springfield Works, which is the repair centre for most, if not all of the William Sinclair peat railways. It had previously been used at Ryflat Moss.  
One of the two 'new' locos here 'Rachel', with a rake of new peat wagons, next to the tippler.  
Rachel, has her origins also as a Barclay loco, but has been completely rebuilt by RS Buyers, of Carlisle. Apart from the frames, it is difficult to say what else is still present from the original Barclay loco.  
Even the peat wagons have been built by RS Buyers, who have supplied identical wagons to the works at Springfield, which has also recently reopened.
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