Industrial Narrow Gauge Railways
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AMT für Land und Wasserwirtschaft
Gauge : 600mm 
Status : Working

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This photograph shows the landside terminus of an unusual railway. It was built to provide means of communication between the mainland, and an island called Nordstrandischmoor in the far north of the country. There was, and still is no road access to the island. In the marshes surrounding Cecilienkoog, three small sidings form the start of this interesting railway.
At the right hand side of the photo, from behind the building in the distance, the track then runs up the side of the dyke on a steep incline. Once at the top, it reverses on itself, to back down onto the seaward side of the dyke.
A further siding, currently full of skips is passed before the rails turn diectly into the sea and head out towards the island.
A rather unnerving ride at high tide, as the sea laps about 1foot away from the top of the rails. If the photo is clicked on and enlarged, the islands are just visible several kilometers in the distance, to the left, on the horizon.
Initially it was difficult to decide if the railway was still in use when these photos were taken in June 1999. However, this small motorised trolley came speeding across the sea and into the sidings, carrying two people, a couple of minutes before this photo was taken. To the few residents on the island this railway must be the main lifeline for both people and materials.
Three Schöma locomotives were in the sidings on the mainland. This loco, and a similar one looked as though it saw ocassional use. The loco cabs were all locked up and no identification could be seen.
This third Schöma was at the end of the siding, and had not been used for a very long time.
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Industrial Narrow Gauge Railways