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Torfwerk Berumerfehn
Gauge : 600mm 
Status : Working

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The moors of Berumerfehn still support a small peat firm with a line of about 4km in length. In September 1997 this general view of the works shows three of the four locos at this site; a small recently reconditioned unidentified Gmeinder(one of 2 at this site), a Schöma(no number), and on the right, a small 10hp Diema(No.2164).
Behind the camera, a new maintenance shed has been built, and a diamond crossing installed for the railway to access it. The simple 4 wheel wagons are a fairly recent introduction.
The unidentified Schöa loco performs shunting around the yard, unloading the peat either into the tipping shed, or at the peat stockpile.
The tracks thread their way through several fields before emerging onto the peat moss. Looking away from the works, at the side of the track many of the skip wagons have been abandonned and left to rust. Skips were used up to about 1995 to bring in the peat.
With no run round facilities in the loading area, the wagons are pushed out for loading, a rather delicate task with such a long train, and causing an unexpected pile up on at least one occasion when visited.
The reasonable length of the peat trains, caused the small underpowered Gmeinder locos some problems, and double heading back to the works was the order of the day, by either both the Gmeinders, or as here, with the Schöma lending a hand.
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