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Torfwerk Ainring
Gauge : 600mm 
Status : Closed Summer 2003

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Loco No.2 is a 20hp mines type Deutz loco.  
The works had built a small battery loco for shunting around the works and on the 25th May 2000 it was seen pushing the bogie wagons into the tipping shed.  
The largest loco here was another Deutz loco built back in 1957. This loco was in use hauling the short loaded trains back up the steep gradient from the moors.  
Two small Gmeinder locos were found in the shed. These were usually only used for maintenance work.  
A single Diema loco works here. When seen in May 2000 it provided transport for an excavator operator out to the moors. This is a DS20 loco of 22hp. As with most of the locos here, the drivers benefit from the addition of locally built cabs.
The journey to the loading area was only about 1.5km. The trains usually were only 5 wagons long because of the steep gradient up to the loading shed.  
On the far right two tracks led to the loco shed, and the two tracks in the centre of the photograph lead into the tipping shed. The shed on the left had been connected to the railway at one stage with disused tracks enbedded in concrete still visible. The tracks also led behind the camera to a another tipping platfrom and a traverser.  
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Industrial Narrow Gauge Railways